Learn about our pond design, infrastructure, aquaculture process, control, water inspection & production
Our Facilities

14 Cultivation Ponds, 3 Treatment Ponds & Waste Processing

Feed Warehouse & Workshop

4 Super Intensive Cultivation Ponds

10 Intensive Cultivation Ponds

Cultivation Process

From Pre-stocking preparation to harvest, we implement highest Standard Operational Procedures at each stage

Water filling & Pre-Stocking Preparation

Shrimp Stocking to Cultivation Ponds

Feeding Tray Daily Control & Programming

Partial Harvesting

Total Harvesting

Post Harvest: Cleaning & Pond Inspection

Water Parameter Inspection

We periodically analyzes water parameters for decision making in mineralization & bacterial culture to maintain water balance

Chemical Parameters Inspection

Maintenance of Parameters as follows:

  1. pH
  2. Salinity
  3. Dissolved Oxygen
  4. Alkalinity
  5. Calcium levels
  6. Magnesium levels
  7. Phosphate levels
  8. Ammonia levels

Physics Parameters Inspection

Maintenance of Parameters as follows:

  1. Water Color
  2. Turbidity
  3. Water Temperature

Biological Parameters Inspection

Maintenance of Parameters as follows:

  1. Total & Type of Planktons
  2. Total & Type of Bacteria
  3. Total & Type of Vibrio
  4. Total & Type of Vibrio
  5. Shrimp Hepatopancreas
Pond Construction

Our cohesive experience in the industry covers the initial stage of farm construction & design, to ensure cost-effective & optimal flow of cultivation process

HDPE Procurement

Paddlewheel & Aerator Procurement

HDPE Installations

Waterway Piping Installations & Construction

Cultivation Pond shaping & finishing

Subsoil Piping & Central Drains